Maria Zakharova’s war uniform

As it prepares for talks with US diplomats in Geneva in mid-January, Russian state propaganda is in full swing, and its battle cries cast a shadow over the unsurpassed Kim Jong-un, his generals and television, both for his enthusiasm for his muscles and military power, and for his ridiculousness.

“A new age and new heroes are coming. They raise their heavy fists, look into the eyes of their interlocutor and calmly ask him: How strong are you, American? ” – The Moscow portal “Vzglyad” is delighted these days, because the task is to raise the morale of the fallen nation, and what is better for that than threatening the old, great enemy. The second portal, “Svpressa”, is even more combative – “Russia, if you want, can bury the whole of Europe and two thirds of America in 30 minutes”. Newspaper commentator Vladimir Mozhegov also does not sleep while the homeland is threatened, so on the eve of the Geneva meeting of Russians and Americans, he analyzes – “What are our arguments? First of all, they are our most reliable allies – the army and the navy. More precisely, it is our hypersonic rocket “zircon”.Who knows, maybe this strong beating of drums will scare the enemy, maybe there will be no diplomatic negotiations, but NATO will withdraw from Eastern Europe with a twisted tail, return to Brussels and disband. And Biden will, perhaps, halve the army, thus save a lot of money for his people and dedicate himself to the huge problems he has at home. And there, as Kremlin propagandists say, everything has already failed, the nation is divided, and the shops are empty.

And how big and strong Russia is, it showed that even at the crucial moment, while preparing for a great battle, it thinks of its little friends, cares about their safety and threatens. Marija Zakharova, with all her huge obligations in the conditions of imminent danger of war, found time to “snap at” the American Admiral Robert Burke because he dared to praise the reforms in the defense sector of Serbia.

Here, we must show respect for the ability of the spokeswoman of the Russian diplomacy to work on several tracks at the same time. If she is able to dedicate half of her time to diplomatic work, and the other half to explaining that she wears clothes only by Russian designers, then we must respect the fact that in the middle of the pre-war storm she remembered Serbia and defended it from the American admiral.

And how did she do it? Tragically, insultingly, underestimating, succumbing to the lowest instincts of the Serbian audience, if she addressed it at all, and not to her employers. Russia will defend Serbia, she said, if NATO and America continue to threaten it. Serbia’s defense in the last 200 years depended on how quickly Russia would protect it!?Aside from the fact that the American admiral, the commander of the naval forces for Africa and Europe, did not say a single threat to Serbia, not even close to that, on the contrary. And why would he, when his country is cooperating well with Serbia, especially in matters of defense. It doesn’t matter, the Russian state apparatus put on a uniform, put on boots, made a toast and “shoots” at everything that NATO says, about anything and anywhere. Zakharova is no exception; she aims high and hits low. It is an insult for Serbia to address it as a great protector, one who throughout history has looked at all of its “friends” and “brothers” only as prey, one of the provinces that are obliged to serve the person in charge, regardless of whether he was a tsar, secretary general or Putin. We don’t need 200 years; we have a lot of that “protection” for which living witnesses can be found in Serbia.

The great protection was that Yevgeny Primakov turned the plane over the Atlantic and instead of Washington, returned to Moscow when he heard that the bombing of 1999 had begun. Even greater protection was the spectacular arrival of the battalion from Bosnia to Kosovo, and then its rapid retreat when they heard that they have to bear the costs of their presence in Kosovo, and that their supply is blocked. It is important that they made an action film about that fraud, in the Hollywood style, because there is no other style in Moscow. Was that protection also support for all Security Council resolutions of the 1990s, which imposed various sanctions on Serbia? And a little earlier – they did not have time to react quickly against the Nazi occupation of Yugoslavia in 1941, because they were busy tearing Poland apart with Hitler and shooting its people in the Katyn forest.

When Russia says that it is defending someone, then it is no different from aggression and submission. Ask the Czechs about the experience from 1968, or the Hungarians about 1956, how and from what they were defended by the Soviet Union, which Putin still longs for today and acting in official capacity, all of his officials, including Maria Zakharova.

We don’t have to go that far, ask Armenians how Putin’s Russia defended them in the war with Azerbaijan last year. And it had to because the “brothers” are united in the CSTO, the Russian copy of NATO. It issued many statements, called for peace and shoved Zakharova to appeal for an end to the fighting and a return to dialogue.

The fact that Marija Zakharova insults the common sense of Serbia, that Russia has been its protector for centuries, is not a new thing, it is a text written a long time ago, which is read when the time comes. The underestimation of the Serbian policy of military neutrality, by Maria Zakharova and her employers, which they say they respect and support in peacetime is new. They disregarded that through Zakharova’s statement, they announced their real policy towards Serbia, and that is not a policy of respect, but a policy of aggression and appropriation.

We don’t need such a brotherhood, far be it. Her words should not pass without the official, state reaction of Belgrade. In the same way as we reacted when she rudely made fun of President Vučić, because he dared to go to an important meeting in the White House.

Her country is closed, isolated, has severe economic problems, and is looking for a way out of the war option, praying to God that there will be no war, which, again, it calls for with its North Korean type of propaganda. Zakharova and her employers are miserably trying to drag Serbia into their chaos with NATO, America and Europe, which they made themselves, believing in their own propaganda that they are strong, great and an empire again. Without Serbia, and good luck on that path, luck is all that remained.